Frequently Asked Questions



How do you help me improve the management of my festival?

We save you time by making the process more efficient to collect the digital assets, automatically create the film and screening block pages, provide easier communication with creators and judges and more. We also provide an exceptional viewer experience as we have successfully delivered 10+ years of streaming for clients including Acorn TV.

Do you help collect assets from filmmakers?

For any festival, you need to collect assets from the filmmakers which is time consuming. Our form-based solution allows you to leverage FilmFreeway data and request additional info including the screener and trailer.

Do you support geo-fencing and how does it work?

Yes. You can turn on or off filmmaker geo-fencing or set geo-fencing rules at the screening block level. Geo-fencing can be done at the country, continent, and super regions (i.e. Americas, EU etc)

Do you support Live Streaming?

Yes, you can integrate into Zoom, Facebook Live or other streaming services and provide the schedule and link on the Sparq site. This includes links to external streaming sites or embedded within the Sparq system.

How do you support in-person or hybrid festivals?

Our system helps you organize your festival and provide a single location/schedule for all your online, live streaming, and in-person events. For in-person festivals, you can also download the screener from Sparq into the format the theater requires (i.e. DCP).

Do you have an app available to be able to use Roku or AppleTV?

Yes, Sparq is available for download on AppleTv and Roku devices.

Do you have judging and audience choice voting?

Yes, we have a judging module that is included in the system which can enable a variety of judging processes efficiently. We also have audience choice voting solution for web and mobile based clients.

What would be the URL of our festival?

Included in our standard pricing is If you would like a custom domain withour sparq including (i.e. you would signup for the $250 one-time custom domain fee.

Security and Performance


Can you scale to meet our requirements?

Yes, we use the powerful content delivery network and scaling capabilities within Amazon Web Services. Our team built and manages the streaming sites for SeekaTV and AcornTV with over 1M subscribers.

Do you have ticket entitlement limits?

Yes, ticket entitlements limit are included with our solution and include the maximum number of times a block can be screened, a viewer can replay a screening block, number of live streams a viewer can watch and several more.

What Security and DRM is available?

The Sparq team has years of experience building secure cloud-based solutions. We provide encryption by delivering content as an HLS stream over HTTPS to clients. For the filmmakers and our clients, they have confidence that it cannot be intercepted by third-parties and cannot be downloaded. This is from 10+ years experience. Additional levels of DRM are also available.



Can you give me examples of some of your clients?

To see a sample of some of our clients, visit and scroll to the bottom of the page.


Do you have a sample festival we can see to view how the system looks to an end-user?

We will highlight festivals on our solutions page as they are occur. We also have a demo system that you can view a sample of the solution – visit



Can I customize fields on your ticketing purchase form?

Yes, that can be done to meet your requirements.

Do you support multiple currencies?

Yes, we support all major currencies for our ticketing system.

Can I use an external ticketing system or do I need to use Sparq ticketing?

You can use an external ticketing system and push the data in either direction to allow viewer access.



Can I integrate my email system to be able to market to users?

Yes, we currently integrate into email system such as MailChimp to allow you to push data to your email system.

Can you integrate into a reporting and analytics systems?

Yes, we integrate directly into Google Analytics and other systems to provide the data you require.

Pricing / Contract


Are there any hidden charges?

All pricing items are listed on including some add-ons such as our judging module and synchronization of media assets with Dropbox.


How do I sign up?

Visit our signup site at and start customizing your online festival presence in just a few minutes!


Tell me about your pricing.

Our pricing is based on how many hours of programmed content you will have for your festival. Hours include both online and in-person programming.

Or fill out the form below to talk to an account manager and learn more.