Sparq Pricing

Our aim is to deliver a quick ROI, be transparent in our pricing, and scale with your film festival.
Additional custom levels are also available to meet your unique or larger requirements. Pricing is listed in USD.

All levels include

Unlimited submissions, judges, and attendees
Branded site with online/trailer streaming for up to one month from start of festival
Access to management portal for 1 year
Sparqfest app for Roku and AppleTV streaming
Standard Live Streaming – Link to external live streaming from Sparq (i.e. Zoom, Facebook Live etc)
Retain site with screening block info and trailers for 12 months

Optional Add-ons

  • $250 for custom domain (one-time fee)
  • Ticketing – 5% plus $0.75 per ticket (excludes free tickets). Donation processing fees – 5%.
  • Dropbox Download – Download posters, films, trailers etc to your Dropbox account for in-person event or other needs. See individual levels for pricing.
Premium Embedded Live Streaming

  • Option 1 – $100 for 100 attendees ($1 per additional attendee)
  • Option 2 with Sparq paid ticketing – $50 for 100 attendees ($0.50 per additional attendee)
Off-Event Streaming (programmed content)

  • Up to 5 hours per quarter – $250 per year
  • Up to 10 hours per quarter – $500 per year
  • Up to 20 hours per quarter – $750 per year

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