Privacy Policy

Sparq is designed with your privacy in mind. We collect only the necessary data to show you the content you have access to and we do not share data with third-parties except those festivals with which you directly interact. User data for users of European festivals stay in the EU unless the user interacts with non-EU festivals. Similarly, user data for users of Canadian festivals stay in Canada unless the user interacts with non-Canadian festivals. If a user interacts with a festival, only the email, first name, and last name is shared across festivals regions–purchasing and viewing habits do not leave the festival in which they take place or the compliance jurisdiction in which they take place.

We do track user interactions with films and application content, but we do not use third-party SDKs that might allow a third-party to associate your interactions with your activity in other applications or contexts or even other applications maintained by us.


Login using your Google or Apple ID. To maintain the highest possible level of user security, we use existing, trusted identity providers to authenticate you. We do not store any passwords, nor do we have access to your passwords. When you login using these providers, we request only the following information:
  • Email address
  • Given name
  • Family name
  • Avatar image
We use this information to simplify the registration process. At no point do we have access to anything in your accounts with those providers and we do not share the information we collect with those providers.